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By | 20 July 2014

Documentation and Videos

Guides and Sample Code

Learn how to use Core Data with iCloud in your apps.

Get an in-depth look at all iCloud Storage APIs, how they work, which ones are best for your apps, and best practices for implementation.

Learn how to set up and manage iCloud Display Sets in iTunes Connect.


Learn about recent advancements in Core Data for iOS, OS X, and iCloud.

Learn how iCloud Storage works and how your apps can store documents and settings across iOS and OS X with iCloud Storage.

Learn how apps that need to manage files and directories independently can take advantage of NSFileCoordinator and NSFilePresenter to store files in iCloud.

See how you can use UIDocument to adopt iCloud Storage for iOS apps. Learn about other key concepts for working with documents and storage in iCloud.

Learn how to adopt iCloud Storage for document-based apps in OS X with NSDocument. Get a closer look at using Auto Save, Versions, and app-centric open panel and user workflows.

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