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By | 23 December 2013

Learn how to take advantage of your program resources and benefits.

Setting Up Your Account

You will need to set up an account in iTunes Connect if you plan on submitting apps to the App Store. If you have joined the iOS Developer Program as a company, you’ll want to invite additional developers to your team within Member Center.

iTunes Connect (Team Agent Only)

iTunes Connect is a suite of web-based tools that allows developers with the Team Agent role (the original enrollee accepted into the iOS Developer Program) to submit and manage apps for distribution on the App Store, check the status of contracts, set up tax and banking information, obtain sales and finance reports, and manage iTunes Connect users. Learn more in the App Store Resource Center

iOS Developer Program members already enrolled in the Mac Developer Program can use their existing iTunes Connect account to submit iOS apps.

Development Team (Company Only)

Member Center is where you manage your development team. Team roles are used to assign certain responsibilities to a developer, such as inviting additional team members, approving digital certificates, and creating provisioning profiles.

Setting Up Your Development Environment

As an iOS Developer Program member, you have access to both the GM and pre-release versions of Xcode 4, which includes the Xcode IDE, Instruments, iOS Simulator, and the latest iOS SDK. You can download the GM version of Xcode from the Mac App Store, or obtain pre-release versions from the iOS Dev Center.

For information on setting up Xcode and the iOS app development process, read the App Distribution Guide .

Developing Your App

iOS Dev Center

iOS Developer Library

Development Videos

Watch Apple engineers deliver in-depth information on how to use the tools and technologies for developing apps for iOS.

Apple Developer Forums

Join discussions with other developers and Apple engineers or post your own questions about developing and distributing your apps for iOS. Sign in to the Apple Developer Forums

Installing and Testing Apps on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

The iOS Developer Program allows you to install your app on up to 100 iPad, iPhone or iPod touch devices, providing an easy way to do real-world testing on a large set of devices.

Installing Your App

To install your app on an iOS device, you must first install an associated provisioning profile on the device. This provisioning profile enables your app to run by identifying you (through your development certificate) and your device (by listing its unique device identifier).

Testing With Development Devices

You can use the iOS Simulator to develop iOS apps without an iOS device. However, you must test your apps on an actual iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch before publishing to ensure that they run as intended on the actual hardware.

When testing your app with pre-release versions of iOS, use only devices that are dedicated for testing and development, and are not personal devices. We also recommend keeping separate devices with prior versions of iOS installed in order to test compatibility.

Implementing App Services

iOS offers a range of powerful technologies as well as exciting opportunities for you to extend the capabilities and the possibilities of your app.

These include:

Distributing Your App on the App Store

The iOS Developer Program provides you with the ability to distribute your apps on the App Store and reach millions of iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch customers around the world.

App Store Resource Center

Visit the App Store Resource Center to learn everything you need to know about distributing your app on the App Store – from preparing your app for submission to managing your app once it’s been posted. Learn more

Custom B2B Apps

If you would like to provide a unique, tailored solution to address specific business needs or requirements, you can offer custom B2B apps directly to business customers who have a Volume Purchase Program account. Learn more

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