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By | 28 July 2014

Tutorial To Develop iOS Apps With or Without Windows!

Welcome to the iOS app developer platform. Lets cut to the chase. The REAL question is how do you make PROFITABLE iPhone /iPad /iPod Touch Apps in the shortest amount of time with an easy to use method without having to buy expensive software or hardware and avoid spending two years learning a specific programming language?

Thousands of people have been successfully making a reoccurring income with iPhone apps since the invention of the iPhone. As I see it you are faced with two initial problems.

1 – Develop iPhone apps BUT seldom get them passed Apples testing phase prior to going live in the app store.

2 – Secondly when they do eventually pass Apples testing they don’y sell so you end up practically giving them away “YES IT’S A FACT 80% of Apps in the App Store fail to sell “. It is no longer sufficient to have your finished app sitting in the App store waiting to be discovered! All you eventually achieve is to wast time and money!

Avoid that Frustrating Disappointment and get the Top iPhone App Development Tutorial.

Allow me to mention Mike and Quoc from “freetheapps”(California USA). who have generated a HUGE amount of cash through their personal development of iPhone apps. They have succeeded in having over 45 million downloads from just 22 apps. ( This figure was 25 million when I first discovered the tutorial in late 2012 ) Because of their success they developed an amazing training course to show everyone and anyone how to develop iPhone apps.

Discover the secrets on not only how to develop iPhone apps from scratch but how to achieve more income from developing them. After the initial release of their tutorial, they received thousands of inquiries on the course and what it offers as an advantage to iPhone app development.

Why choose this?..

1 – Save a huge amount of time by building your iPhone /iPad /iPod Touch app and getting your apps passed first time into the App store.

2 -Secondly you will learn how to attract customers so they come to you rather than you chase them. Essentially as soon as your app is ready to be launched you can already have customers waiting to buy!

3 – Get access to all the tools and information needed to plan,evaluate, construct, design, and develop modern iPhone /iPad /iPod touch applications.

4 – Support if you run into difficulties with any part of your app development process from your initial concept to the visual layout and design – getting it passed Apples testing phase and maximize the marketing aspect.

Philip McCaid, Creator of “FireProof Calendar ” App

“So, I was incredibly skeptical in my ability to do this. I’ve always wanted my own app in the store, but just figured I had to know how to program. I’m a fireman, so I never went to “college”, but I know a good idea when I see one. I was looking for a side business for my off days and ended up creating an app called FireProof calendar. All the guys at my station use it to schedule their Kelly and vacation days. They still can’t believe a guy like me did it! Thanks again.”

Out of all the other tutorials that are available the end result here is a quicker easier, more efficient modern affordable approach to developing your iPhone app and maximize that earning potential for a life changing residual income.

If you expect to achieve the residual income you deserve and learn the WORKING methods to sustain that income then this course is for you. Get direct access to that training RIGHT NOW ! – Visit the official site to test their tutorial FREE for 60 days.

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