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By | 1 February 2014


photo: Erica Ogg

The company famous for secrecy is having a pretty hard time keeping things private these days. That now includes the company’s closed-door, developer-only training sessions from WWDC last month. Someone using the name WWDCVideos posted nearly 100 videos from Apple-led sessions to YouTube .

As MacStories noted earlier, it seems unlikely the poster of the videos is Apple. First, Apple has its own YouTube account (it goes by “Apple”) and second, WWDC is closed to the public. The only people who can attend are registered iOS and Mac developers and they must agree to non-disclosure agreements when registering. Apple later confirmed that it did not put the videos on YouTube.

It would be a bit odd for Apple to undermine its own NDA agreement, potentially giving developers license to publicly discuss or post in detail about any of the sessions they attended last month.

YouTube shows the videos were posted six days ago, and as of this posting, most individual videos show view counts in the double digits or low 100s.

(This post was updated at 920am after Apple confirmed that it did not post the videos on YouTube. )

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